Yay for Earth Hydrosol Spray
Yay for Earth Hydrosol Spray
Yay for Earth Hydrosol Spray

Yay for Earth Hydrosol Spray

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An ode to preserving and connecting with Nature; we created this natural toner as a perfect addition to our YFE sensitive skin face lotion! 

Directions: Spray on face freely before applying moisturizer and throughout the day to tone calm, and revive.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile, Organic Frankincense, Organic Red Cedar, Organic Douglas fir

What is a hydrosol? A hydrosol is a nutrient-dense plant and botanical water made by steam distilling plants, botanicals, barks, and other plant materials. A gentle and soft nutrient-dense water with microscopic essential oil particles. 

Why We Chose This Product: We chose this product because we love the Yay for Earth brand. The founder, Stevie has an insane Instagram following and her products sell out often. We knew this hydrosol spray was an amazing product before we even tried it because it was selling out as soon as she would list it. Just try it, you will see. It's incredible. It's also organic, made by hand with love from Stevie and made in the USA.  

Why We LOVE This Product: We love that this product is made from organic plants, no chemicals to raise the plants means fewer chemicals on our planet. We Love the way this hydrosol makes our face glow. We Love the fact that it comes in a glass bottle. We love that this product supports a woman-owned business. It might be easier to tell you what we don't love about this product... there is absolutely nothing that we do NOT Love about it!  

Why add a hydrosol to the Yay For Earth fam? The hydrosol is the PERFECT partner to the sensitive skin lotion - A DUO! Applying the hydrosol before the Yay for Earth sensitive skin lotion locks in the moisture, and allows the oil to sink in more quickly and deeper.

Benefits of Yay for Earth Forest hydrosolNatural but calming astringent and toner, has wound healing properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic but most of all gentle, calming and feels like you just stepped into a forest!