Wood Dust Brush - Plastic Free Duster
Wood Dust Brush - Plastic Free Duster

Wood Dust Brush - Plastic Free Duster

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This hand-assembled dust brush is made of goat hair and oiled pearwood. These brushes are perfect for delicate surfaces such as pianos, glass tables, furniture, knick-knacks, plant leaves, and so much more. The goat hair bristles help to reach more cracks so these dusters are much more effective than feather dusters.
The design is light-colored goat hair with a black dot in the center.  
Why We Chose This Product: So many dusters on the market are made from plastic & microfiber. We knew there had to be better options out available to dust our home with natural materials; so we went in search and found these beautifully made; hand-assembled dust brushes! Plastic-free dusting, with soft goat hair bristles, makes this brush gentle enough to use on even the most delicate of surfaces & helpful for dusting those hard-to-reach places. 
Why We LOVE This Product: We love supporting companies who care about the earth and create products that are meant to last a lifetime. These beautiful brushes are hand-made, by a small company in Germany. They even share some behind-the-scenes footage for how their products are made (see the video below.)  
Burstenhaus Redecker Website Mission states: "We firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.” 
We at, 4 The Greater Good, couldn't agree more! 
Size: 34 cm / 13.5" long * 3" wide
Care: Clean the dust brush with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. After washing, wrap the dust brush in a towel and carefully and gently press out the excess water. Hang dry. You may gently comb the brush using a metal comb and it will last a lifetime. 

Made: These wood dust brushes are hand-made in Germany. 


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