Vegan Palm Oil Free Bar Soap - Fanciful Fox - Exfoliating Dead Sea Soap

Vegan Palm Oil Free Bar Soap - Fanciful Fox - Exfoliating Dead Sea Soap

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Vegan Palm Oil Free Bar Soap made with Dead Sea Mud & Salt

An exfoliating & truly detoxifying bar with a fresh lemongrass Amyris essential oil blend.
Cleansing & Moisturizing with Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa & Shea Butters.

Gentle cleanser with a big bubbly lather. This bar will exfoliate, and cleanse at the same time, with the help of a little mud! It's scratchy, in the best way, and perfect for morning showers, or after a good workout. 

Why We Chose This Product: We always feel better after a good exfoliation but we needed a soap that we could carry that did not include all of the bad stuff. This is when we started searching for a palm oil free soap company that included only vegan ingredients, and fair trade & organic ingredients whenever possible. This dead sea exfoliating bar soap ticks all of the boxes and we are so happy to bring them to you! 

Why We LOVE This Product: We love it when products are made with all natural ingredients, we love it even more when our vendors go above and beyond to choose ingredients that are organic & FAIR Trade! We want to be sure that even if the ingredients are farmed organically that the farmers who are growing the crops are treated fairly and paid a fair wage. We are proud of these bar soaps, the ingredients they contain, and the fact that they are plastic free! The wrappers on these soaps are even made of tree free paper and include seeds to grow wild flowers! This company is making their soaps small batch in NYC, in the USA. 

Ingredients: Saponified (Organic) Olive Oil, (Organic) Coconut Oil(Organic & Fair Trade) Shea Butter, (Organic & Fair Trade) Cocoa Butter, (Organic) Sunflower Seed Oil, Dead Sea Mud & Salt, Essential Oils, Love

Due to the nature of handmade soap, color, and weight may vary slightly.

The wild flower seed embedded label band that we wrap each bar soap in, is sustainable, tree-free paper.

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