Table Sweeping Set - Redecker

Table Sweeping Set - Redecker

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This beautifully crafted two-piece set is perfect for sweeping up your bread crumbs quickly and easily after breakfast. This mini broom and dustpan are made from oiled beechwood, bristle, and stainless steel. The two parts of this table sweeping set are held together by magnets for easy storage. 

Why We Chose This Product: With so many people quickly grabbing the paper towels, or even the vacuum, we wanted to offer a more sustainable and less resource-intensive option for cleaning up the table, counters, and kitchen islands. Plus this handy little table sweep set is beautiful and very efficient! 

Why We LOVE This Product: This beautiful table sweep set is made by a company in Germany, Redecker. This company has been making beautiful and functional products from sustainable materials for over 85 years. We love when a combination of beauty, function, and natural (and sustainably harvested) materials blend for a perfect product that is built to last and does not include any harmful plastic! 

Size: 16 x 10.5 cm 
Beechwood, bristle, stainless steel