Soap Pump Lid for Mason Jars - Stainless Steel
Soap Pump Lid for Mason Jars - Stainless Steel
Soap Pump Lid for Mason Jars - Stainless Steel

Soap Pump Lid for Mason Jars - Stainless Steel

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Refilling your liquid soap dispensers instead of buying new plastic bottles. Using a glass jar (Mason, Bell, or even the ones pasta sauce comes in) and this soap pump is all you need!

- 304 Grade Stainless Steel

- No more single use plastic bottles

- Sleek design

- Fits with Mason, Bell, and even many pasta sauce jars!

Fill your glass jar with liquid soap at the bulk stores near you, or our Meliora hand soap refill tablets. Screw on this pump lid for zero waste soap dispensing. Made with high quality stainless steel so that it won't rust.

Why We Chose This Product: We love the convenience of hand soap in the bathroom or at kitchen sinks, but those plastic bottles and awful chemicals were not what we wanted in our home. This lid will help you to make use of glass jars you may already have at home, just add soap (or look for our Meliora hand soap refill tablets) and you can reuse this soap dispenser for many years!

Why We LOVE This Product: This lid is so cute! Ok,  we also love supporting companies with similar visions to ours. Life Without Plastic has made a business of offering people replacements for single use plastic products. They do it in an ethical way, and we are proud to bring their products to you. 

Instructions: To assemble the pump, place the pump piece on top of the flat lid then place the plastic connector under the lid and screw it into the top dispensing piece to pinch the lid between the two connecting screw pieces. 


    - The pump and the lid are made of 18-8 (304) stainless steel.

    - The tube and interior connector pieces are made of BPA-free polypropylene and polyethylene. 

Size: Fits regular mouth jars with a diameter of around 70mm / 2.75"

Made: Responsibly sourced from China.

Care: This lid is not leakproof so keep it upright and do not use for transport.