Plastic-Free Pencil Box Set
Plastic free pencil case set made of aluminum,  includes pencil, yellow wax highlighter, sharpener, and rubber eraser. Wrapped in wool to limit the noise.
Plastic-Free Pencil Box Set
Plastic-Free Pencil Box Set
Plastic-Free Pencil Box Set
Plastic-Free Pencil Box Set

Plastic-Free Pencil Box Set

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Our ride-or-die tin for life.
At last, our Swiss Army Knife product is once again complete.
We finally sourced a right-sized natural rubber eraser for our Zero-Waste Pencil Tin that allows the plastic-free pen and refill to fit perfectly!
*the natural rubber eraser we had used for years was discontinued, and the only other option was a larger version that made it impossible to include our favorite pen.
This new set rocks; and we don’t often say things like that.
How does it rock?
Aluminum Tin: Intentionally slim. Fits just what you need (well NOW it does), and nothing you don’t. When it’s banged beyond repair, it’s 100% recyclable.
Climate Beneficial Wool Liner: I don’t sing the praises of Full Circle Wool and Fibershed enough. The wool in our tins is sheared from sheep in Northern California whose grazing reduces wildfire risk, helps to sequester carbon and moisture in the soil, and reduces erosion. Oh, and it makes the tin quiet so nothing rattles around.
Unpainted Pencil: Not just any pencil, our favorite pencil ever. Made from sustainably-forested incense cedar by General’s Pencil Company in New Jersey (one of the last American pencil factories), and not ruined by a coat of paint resulting in microplastics when sharpened (paint is plastic).
Metal Sharpener: German-made, compact, and they come equipped with two replacement blades built-in. Genius.
Wax Highlighter: These markers have been around for ages, and their bright yellow color makes them the perfect replacement for disposable plastic highlighters.

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