Natural Vapor Rub by Fanciful Fox

Natural Vapor Rub by Fanciful Fox

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A congestion relief balm that is free of any drugs, toxic chemicals, or petroleum.

Feeling a little Under the Weather? We love the way this balm helps us to open our sinuses back up with this menthol congestion relief balm. It's loaded with pure essential oils that help to clear up blocked sinuses, and bring on some relief. Plant oils and butters like organic, fair trade shea butter to moisturize and soothe, and never dry skin out.

Why We Chose This Product: All products made by this brand are Vegan and Palm Oil FREE! We are so happy to support conscious brands who make great products.

Why We Love This Product: We love supporting small brands that use high quality ingredients, add to that this packaging is glass with a metal lid and we couldn't ask for a more eco-friendly and effective product made of only natural ingredients. 

Ingredients: (Organic) Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, (Organic & Fair Trade) Shea Butter, (Organic) Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Candelilla Wax, Essential Oils, Menthol, Love

Directions: Rub on chest, or upper lip when feeling congested, inhale. 
2 FL. OZ.

Glass jar with metal screw lid