Glass spray bottles are a great zero waste option for storing homemade cleaning products

Glass Spray Bottle with Flannel Cover- 16 oz.

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These reusable glass spray bottles are great for cleaning around the home. With so many great zero waste cleaning solutions out there, you will need a trusty bottle to handle the job. These bottles come with a protective flannel cover that can be cleaned as needed. Price includes one bottle. 

Why We Chose This Product: Homemade glass cleaner, vinegar, and citrus peels, you name it! There are many DIY cleaners available. These glass spray bottles are just what you need to use over and over again for your cleaning. 

Why We Love This Product: We are big fans of Marley's Monsters for their eco-friendly products. This is yet another one of them. The flannel covers add a touch of protection and charm to your standard glass bottles. 

Cleaning instructions: Place cover in the washing machine or hand wash, place on the bottle wet and allow to dry.