Ecofriendly Dog Toys - Dog Bone
Ecofriendly Dog Toys - Dog Bone
Ecofriendly Dog Toys - Dog Bone
Ecofriendly Dog Toys - Dog Bone

Ecofriendly Dog Toys - Dog Bone

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Dogs love their toys, and they love to chew them to pieces or carry them around for years. The problem is that most dog toys are made of plastic, with polyester filling. These materials are not good for our dogs, and certainly not good for our planet. So we have searched high and low to find the perfect 100% natural eco-friendly dog toys. These dog bones are made from durable hemp cotton canvas, organic cotton filling, and heavy-duty cotton thread. 

Why We Chose This Product: We think it's pretty impressive that people are spoiling their pets with tons of toys and cuddles. However, we think it's important to treat our pets like family, and if your dog is chewing on plastic, those chemicals are getting to your dog too. It's time to up the game and bring eco-friendly dog toys into the mix. Starting with these sweet dog bones made from 100% natural fibers. Fully compostable at the end of their life, so Fido can chew to his/her heart's content. 

Why We LOVE This Product: The brand promise is enough for us to sing their praises and LOVE their products: "We believe companies, not consumers, should be responsible for ensuring products are responsibly sourced, manufactured and packaged. We will own this responsibility in the pet space." - Boba & Vespa

We couldn't agree more! We are proud to carry your products and celebrate your business. Thank you for making products for pets that are Four the Greater Good!

Product Description:

  • Hemp Canvas
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Organic Cotton Filling
  • Organic Cotton Thread
  • Cotton Label
  • Large: 11.5" x 6.5"
  • Medium: 8.5" x 4.5"
  • Small: 6" x 3.5"
End Of Life:
  • Compostable
  • Landfill Safe
  • Spot Clean or
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low

Note: These bones are tough, but nothing is indestructible, we recommend supervising your dog while they play with any toy.

Made in USA | 100% Plastic Free