Eco Friendly Beach Toys - Sand Bucket and Shovel

Eco Friendly Beach Toys - Sand Bucket and Shovel

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These eco friendly beach toys are powder-coated, metal, sand pails that are perfect for an afternoon at the beach. These buckets come with a powder-coated shovel and sand sifter too! No more plastic toys on the beach to be left behind as microplastics. These toys are made to last & fully recyclable at the end of their lifetime. However, these are beautifully made and with proper care would make a great gift to hand down to the next generation, or pass along to another family as your child goes. These eco friendly beach toys are built to last! 

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Details: Powder-coated metal sand bucket, powder-coated sand shovel, and powder-coated metal sand sifter. 

Size: Sand Bucket - 15.5 cm or 6.1 inches 
          Shovel - 21 cm or 8.27 inches
          Sand Sieve - 15 cm or 5.9 inches 

Materials: Sand Bucket - Powder-coated metal & wood handle
                   Shovel - Powder-coated metal & wood handle
                   Sand Sieve - Powder-coated metal

End of Life: Please recycle. All materials are fully recyclable!