Dot Menstrual Cup - Zero Waste Period Kit

Dot Menstrual Cup - Zero Waste Period Kit

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These 2 reusable period products will change the game for you during that time of the month. Bring on the periods because we have a non-toxic, chemical-free way to reduce waste and save you money! 

Why We Chose This Product: Period products are made of cotton, plastics, and various other materials. Did you know that lots of tampons and pads are made from cotton that is treated with pesticides and many other chemicals. Not to mention these products are wasteful, adding tons to our landfill each year. So we want to bring you a better option.... a menstrual cup and a reusable pad combo.

Menstrual Cup: This menstrual cup is made to last (10 years or so) and is reusable every month. The silicone is medical grade and these Dot menstrual cups are made in the USA. This particular brand of menstrual cup stands above the rest because they are also black (color avoids staining) and the removal tab is flat. They are also a buy one give one brand. So when you buy and support this brand, this means that they will donate a menstrual cup to their partners to provide those in need with a reusable, sustainable, and chemical-free way to have a period. We are so proud to carry the Dot cup!

Reusable Pad: These pads are made out of organic cotton (it matters) and is machine washable so you can wear these in addition to your menstrual cup on the heaviest of days, or in place of your cup on your very light days. These reusable pads are hand-sewn by our friend Lesley in California. The reusable pads include two metal snaps and can be composted at the end of their life (remove the snaps prior to composting and recycle the snaps.) 

Why We Love This Product: This combination will help to remove chemicals from the planet and our bodies, waste from the landfill and our oceans, and save you money in your pocket. These are exactly the types of products we are proud to carry here at 4 The Greater Good! 

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