Dot Menstrual Cup - Made in USA
Dot Menstrual Cup - Made in USA

Dot Menstrual Cup - Made in USA

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We are sooo excited to bring you the very best menstrual cup, made in the USA!! So what is the best menstrual cup? The Dot Cup! Don't worry, we'll break it down for you as to why. 

A Dot Cup is a reusable menstrual cup worn in place of tampons to collect rather than absorb menstrual fluid. It is made of medical-grade silicone and can be safely worn for up to 12 hours and used for years. When you purchase a Dot Cup, you are actually purchasing 2 cups! For every Dot Cup purchased one is given to someone in need.

 Why We Chose This Product: Our periods can be so wasteful, expensive, and full of chemicals. We knew their had to be a better way. When we first experience a menstrual cup, it was life changing. A comfortable period that made us forget it was that time of the month. Cramps went away when changing from tampons to a menstrual cup that is fit to move and bend with your body. This one was a game changer. 

✓ 100% Plastic Free

 Medical Grade Silicone


✓ Buy One - Give One 

✓ Made in USA (Wisconsin)

✓ Holds 28 ml fluid

Why We Love This Product: Besides the fact that for every single Dot cup purchased, one is given to someone in need; we LOVE the design of this cup. Since having tried several of these cups, we didn't understand why the colors were often white, or light colored, they would stain over time. Dot Cup's black color means never have to worry about stains. The flat tab stem is more comfortable and easier to grip than other menstrual cups on the market.  

- Flat-Tab Stem - more comfortable and easier grip for removal. 

- Black color to avoid discoloration.

- No longer had cramps caused by tampons (or the chemicals within them we aren't sure which)

Packaging: The silicon menstrual cups currently comes in a plant based, biodegradable plastic sleeve. We have reached out to the company regarding our concerns and they are going to be reworking this element of the cups. Future purchases of these cups will be 100% plastic free. 

How to Use This Product: Wash your hands and rinse your Dot cup. Choose the method that works best for you, press the top of your cup together (or roll it into a c shape) to insert the cup into the vagina. Or, holding your cup with the opening facing up, push one side of the rim down with your thumb. Insert the opposite end into your vagina, push into place, and use you finger to make sure the cup is fully unfolded. Once in place, release the fold and the opening of the cup should pop open. You may need to use one finger to twist or adjust the cup into place. It should be fully inside of your body causing no discomfort! If you are one of many that cervix sits low during menstruation, you may need to trim the tab. Remove from the body, clean, and trim to the appropriate length. 

*Personal Story - When I first switched from tampons to menstrual cups my periods were no longer painful. Cramping and discomfort went away immediately. I'm not sure if it was the chemicals in the tampons, or the tampons themselves, but either way - I am so grateful for the switch!