Bamboo Dog Brush
Bamboo Dog Brush

Bamboo Dog Brush

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These plastic free bamboo dog brushes are perfect for grooming dogs and cats! Your furry friend will love the flexible head, so the brush head bends as you apply light pressure. One side of the dog brush has fine pins; perfect for tangles and knots. The other side has firmer pins which helps with matted hair. 

  • Flexible and bendable
  • Bamboo Handle with Carnauba Wax Finish
  • Stainless Steel Pins
  • Natural Rubber Base
  • Gray Rubber Side: Fine Pins
  • Black Rubber Side: Firm Pins
  • Compostable Packaging

The ergonomic design makes it easy for you to groom your pet.

Why We Chose This Product: We know you love your furry friends just as much as we do. So we need an eco-friendly way to care for them. We have searched high and low to find brands that go above and beyond to ensure plastic free products, ethically sourced materials, and their love of pets means your furry friend is in for a real treat with this new dog brush!

Why We LOVE This Product: This dog brush is ethically made with FSC Certified Bamboo. The packaging is compostable and their shipping is 100% plastic free. We love brands who also take responsibility for how their products are made, and how the makers are treated. Brush with Bamboo's team has ensured us they have visited the factories that make their products and they are proud of the working conditions there. 

Who makes your dog brush? What materials are in it?