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Zero Waste Shipping

4 The Greater Good is setting a higher standard in terms of products we buy, but also in terms of how we ship. Do you or someone you know have extra boxes lying around to be sent to recycling, only to have new boxes shipped to you tomorrow? Are these boxes shipped to you full of plastic? 

We have been there, so we thought, we can do better. 

Our goal, to collect shipping boxes that have already been sent out. We use the boxes our vendors ship to us, we use boxes.... lots of boxes. Sometimes we may need to ship out of new boxes, which we are comfortable with because we use EcoEnclose as our shipping supplier. 

EcoEnclose uses 100% Recycled cardboard for their boxes. We also purchase and ship using paper tape as well as plastic free shipping. If you ever do receive plastic in your shipping box, please know that it was plastic we acquired from other orders. Although we as consumers request all items be sent to us plastic free, occasionally we will have some mistakes. Instead of sending the plastic to recycling facilities, we will reuse and send it to our customers to protect your order.

4 The Greater Good will also ship in 100% Recycled Padded Mailers. These mailers are amazing, instead of being padded with plastic - these mailers use recovered newspaper to create a bed of padding. The recovered newspaper is then placed between two solid pieces of recycled kraft paper and your items will be protected in a very plastic free way.  

Our methodology is always to reuse before we buy new, even if it is 100% recycled. 

So when you receive your package from 4 The Greater Good, please know that we are doing everything we can to reduce our footprint. The more we can all reuse the better.