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Yay For Earth Lotion Founder Stevie Van Horn is a Hero

Stevie Van Horn is the founder of Yay For Earth Lotion and a zero waste advocate that is an Instagram celebrity that has created a zero waste face lotion that only uses sustainably sourced ingredients and according to reviews (and our own personal experience here at 4 the Greater Good) it's quite magical. 

Yay for Earth lotion founder Stevie Von Horn with many bottles of her lotion

Now quite a few people are zero waste bloggers, Instagram celebrities, and product creators; so why did we choose Stevie to be our featured hero of the month? 

We believe her authenticity is a breath of fresh air, and also we know from speaking to many other shop owners in the zero waste space that she is truly about saving the planet, and a kind and loving soul. She also dances around via her Instagram stories to spread love and joy to her followers, and it will make you smile. Check her out via Insta @stevieyaaay

When I first found Yay for Earth and Stevie's Instagram account a couple of years ago, purchasing her lotion was something she did part time. Stevie was a nanny, but then the reviews started pouring in.... at that time I had to set an alarm to purchase her lotion when she announced in advance that she was making it, because it was sold out by the end of the day! 

Here are some really cool things that Stevie does that inspires people everyday...

Why is Stevie Van Horn a Hero 4 The Greater  Good?

1) Stevie is an educator and she shares her zero waste meals, travel tips, and shopping excursions via her Instagram page: @stevieyaaaay. Inspiring others to make changes along the way. 

2) Stevie also highlights other zero waste shops in the area (and she doesn't charge for it, like other popular zero waste bloggers.) As someone who truly wants to reduce waste, she shouts out all amazing zero waste businesses in her area, or websites that sell second hand clothing, or even zero waste recipes. 

3) Her lotion is made by hand, directly from her. You can see the process, you can see where she sources the ingredients, and your skin will thank you.

4) Stevie also uses her popular Instagram account to find homes for dogs in animal shelters. 

5) She also fosters dogs! 

Yay for lotion founder Stevie rescues bright red dog from abuse

6) She has created a lotion from sustainable ingredients, that is amazing for all skin types, the containers are plastic free, and a great reusable jar for many things, as well as recyclable. She ships these lotions plastic free, and they are zero waste.  

7) People are seriously in love with this lotion!!!! Here are just a few testimonials you can find on her Instagram (with permission):

Yay for Earth Lotion testimonial & photo of smiling faced girl

  • Yay for Earth lotion Testimonial #1"STEVIE! Your face lotion is magical!! I've been using it for a week now and it's done wonders for my skin. I've struggled finding a face lotions that 1. Wouldn'ts irritate my face and 2. Wouldn't make me break out. My search is finally over, thank you! My face is so soft (crying smiley face) MOST IMPORTANTLY, I've struggled with cold sores my whole life. Nothing helps! I just have to let it run it's course... until now... I have been putting your face lotion on it all day today and OH MY ITS LITERALLY VANISHING. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! for real, you rock" via Insta: @stevieyaaaay 

Yay for Earth Lotion Review Testimonial and Before and After photo

  • Yay for Earth lotion Testimonial #2"Just wanted to let you know your face lotion is literally the best thing I've put on my skin. My co-workers and friends have noticed that my skin is glowing and asking me what I've been doing! I've completely cut out all other products and will also move toward plastic free bar soap after I finish my current cleanser. Thanks so much for letting this skincare obsessed girl be more waste-free!! <3" via Insta: @stevieyaaaay courtesy of @sunshinemoonbeam

Yay for Earth Lotion Uses from a testimonial: burn, pregnancy and face lotion! Miracle cream claim

  • Yay for Earth Testimonial #3: "I don't know what kind of magic is in your lotion but I've been using it for less than 5 days and have already noticed a difference in my skin. It's the ONLY thing I've been doing differently and it's blowing my mind."via Insta: @stevieyaaaay
  • Yay for Earth Lotion Testimonial #4"Everyone was telling the truth! Amazing. My skin already looks and feels better <3" via Insta: @stevieyaaaay courtesy of @oemmg 

Stevie's lotion is life changing for so many people; that alone is reason for her to be a hero, but she does it in a sustainable, planet friendly (animal and people friendly too) way. Her popularity on social media inspires others to reduce their waste and she supports local businesses as well. Throw in the fact that she fosters dogs and loves to rock out and dance to Toto's "Africa" and we had to make her our latest #4TGGHero! 


We are honored to carry Yay for Earth Lotion and support a company with such high standards, but even more exciting, we are supporting a women owned business and supporting a woman who wants to continue driving positive change and spreading positive vibes. Keep spreading the love Stevie and congratulations for being our 4 The Greater Good hero! 

As many of our followers know, 4 The Greater Good is an online marketplace that is setting a higher standard. We have strict rules in place for our vendors; so our customers can have one central location to shop for products they know they can trust. Thank you Yay for Earth and Stevie for making a product that is setting a higher standard.