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Sustainably Grown and Harvested

It’s one thing to use natural ingredients in your products, but quite another to make sure those products are grown and harvested sustainably. The generations that come after us deserve to enjoy the same quality and bounty of nature that we do. If we use natural ingredients but damage the earth that grows them in the process, those efforts are for nothing!
Sustainably grown ingredients are one of the four pillars we stand by at 4 The Greater Good, along with zero toxins, no single-use plastic, and fair wages. Eco-friendly farming is more important than ever, and it’s our little daily choices we make as consumers that make all the difference. Even small changes can have a big impact!
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Eco-Friendly Farming Is Everything

The idea of sustainable farming is all well and good, but it can be hard to actually determine the sources our ingredients come from. You’ve probably felt the frustration: think of all the times you’ve read the ingredients in your product, and all you can see are vague scientific words and “fragrance” on your label. Ugh!

One way we validate our sustainably grown sources is by looking for certifications from the brands we carry. Organic certification processes, for instance, require that growers meet certain standards of quality and sustainability. Other certifications, like B Corporations, make sure that their members follow strict standards including fair wages and environmental and social responsibility.

Of course, certifications aren’t failsafes, and ingredients without certifications can still be high-quality. That’s why we conduct thorough research by interviewing our vendors and learning more about the farms they are purchasing their ingredients from, for every product that comes into our shop.

Our Research

Our customers come to us knowing that we’ve done extensive research so they don’t have to. Being a responsible consumer in your average big box store is much harder than it needs to be, because many companies make great efforts to hide the toxins and unethical sources of their ingredients. Rather than having to meticulously look up every single ingredient and brand whenever you just need some kitchen soap or deodorant, we’ve made sure we’ve found sustainably grown ingredients you can trust!

Every brand that comes through 4 The Greater Good is one we can vouch for. We don’t just take their word for it: we look into their supply chains, packaging processes, shipping practices, and of course, all the ingredients that make up the products. We’re setting out to build a community of people who want to protect the planet and their bodies—and those two go hand-in-hand!

Resources for Sustainable Living

Don’t just take it from us! Please read as much as you can about sustainably grown ingredients so you can make the best choices for you and your family. The more educated we are about what ingredients and manufacturing practices are safe and ethical, the better consumer we’ll be. 

Here are some of our highest recommended links to get you started.