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Reduce Plastic Waste

There’s no doubt that plastic is bad for the environment, yet sometimes it seems completely unavoidable in day-to-day life. But we have some tips to help! We know that if we all step up as individuals and make a change to reduce plastic waste, we can change the way the world consumes and pollutes. As a company, we have even more power to create a positive influence!

We started 4 The Greater Good not just to avoid harmful toxins: we also want to be conscious of how our products are packaged and sold. Plastic-free products are one of the four main pillars of our company, along with non-toxic living, sustainably grown, and ethical products. 

Plastic-free living is possible when consumers take the time to choose the right companies with the right missions. It’s not always easy to know which companies align with your values, which is why we do the research for you so you know any product we carry will meet your values. We want our community to have the confidence that every product here helps you live your life without hurting the planet.

Plastic Free

Why Reduce Plastic Waste?

Plastic takes thousands of years to degrade. It clogs up waterways, breaks down into harmful particles, and kills wildlife.

But unfortunately, plastic is cheap and convenient which is why huge corporations prefer it over other materials. However, the wastefulness which comes from that speedy convenience is destroying our earth. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, bigger than many states and countries, is swirling and growing just out of sight. As a seller of ethical goods, we want to do our part to reduce plastic waste in every way we can.

How We Choose Our Products

For a product to be sold at 4 The Greater Good, it has to come without single-use plastic. It’s a hard and fast rule. And our brands come up with some incredibly creative ways to package their products without plastic! 

Cotton Mart makes reusable cotton bags for produce and more. Our popular Beast tumblers are made from stainless steel and packaged in cardboard. Caribbean Coconut deodorant managed to make a compostable packaging with zero plastic. Fanciful Fox gets crafty with sustainable wildflower seed wraps around their handmade soap bars instead of plastic or paper. 

These brands show us that plastic-free living is 100% possible on a personal and commercial level. Reduce plastic waste by supporting these hardworking brands!

Resources to Reduce Plastic Waste

Don’t just take our word for it. We do our research before we make any claims, and we always make sure our conjectures are backed by science. We encourage you to read as much as you can about plastic-free living and what you can do to make a difference. Getting educated is the best way to make informed choices as a consumer, and we read as much as we can (while making sure the sources are valid!). Here are some resources we’ve gathered to start you off: