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Our Story

Hello all, I'm Jessica Boccio. I'm the founder of 4 The Greater Good, which was created in 2018 & this is the story behind our inspiration. Thank you for reading. 

The Short Version

Our vision, our motto, first Do NO Harm. So we research and research until we find the products for you that do just that, do no harm. No harm to the person using them, the planet growing them, or the people who make them. 

4 The Greater Good was born in 2018 as a different kind of marketplace. Online marketplaces that will sell us anything made by who knows, is convenient, but dangerous. Big Box stores who sell products loaded with chemicals & sold in tons of plastic containers is currently the norm. We aim to change that.

1) No Toxic Chemicals (No parabens, sulfates, or chemical fragrance, synthetic ingredients, etc.) We know you don't want to use harmful chemicals in the products you use in your home, so we do the research so you don't have to!

2) Sustainably Harvested Ingredients (No Palm Oil, and organic whenever possible.) Using organic ingredients whenever possible helps us to use less of that toxic pesticide on the planet, and palm oil is just awful! We'll find you better products and make it easy to switch. 

3) People who make these products are paid fairly. This goes without saying. If a person is being abused to help a corporation make a buck, we think that is gross and wrong. We can't believe others don't. 

4) Single Use Plastic FREE (Zero Waste) We make it easy to find products that are not made of plastic, and we even ship to you with paper tape, and offer alternatives to help you reduce your plastic use at home! We're in this together!

Please join us & feel free to shop confidently here at 4 The Greater Good because we do the research BEFORE we carry the products to ensure it is safe for your family. 

Thank you for joining our community. We are so happy to serve your family, as you become a part of ours. 

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Personal Bio:

Jessica Boccio is the founder of 4 The Greater Good and she and her family reside in Long Island, NY. She is happy to report that through the swaps in her home, diet, and work with Holistic Practitioner Gloria Correa, her kids no longer suffer with Eczema & Asthma.