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Our 4 Pillars

Our mission is to provide a supportive space where people can practice and learn about clean living and sustainable consumption. We know not everyone has the time to research all the ingredients that go into your daily necessities, so we do it for you. Rest easy knowing we hold all our products to high standards to make sure they are sustainably sourced, toxin-free, made by people paid a fair wage, and free of single-use plastics. Creating a community that cares is what 4 the Greater Good is all about!

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Sustainably Sourced

We don’t just care about right now; we care about the future, too. By offering products with ingredients that are sustainably sourced and organic when possible, we’re ensuring our children and their children have a chance to enjoy a healthy planet. You also won’t find any palm oil or other environmentally harmful ingredients here. Sustainable consumption starts with making conscious choices in your life. If a product doesn’t meet our meticulous standards for clean living or we find out that it's made in a way that’s damaging to the environment, we won’t carry it. End of story.

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We know you care about what goes into your body and home as much as we do. That’s why we make sure all the products we carry are free of toxins and harmful chemicals. Worrying about and researching every ingredient on a label is stressful and exhausting—been there, done that! Let us take the stress and decision fatigue off of your shoulders. We make clean living easy, affordable and attainable by only offering products we research and believe in. Stock up on all the necessities you love or feel good about trying a new product.

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Fair Wage

It’s easy for companies to promote their products as sustainable and affordable while their workers are working in deplorable conditions for next to nothing. Our research goes beyond the ingredients and considers the conditions in which a product is made. Everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage for their hard work: from the farmer to the factory worker. We only carry brands that treat their workers and suppliers ethically. We believe clean living includes a clean conscience and we love uplifting companies and creators who share our values and priorities.

plastic free

Free of Single-Use Plastic

The movement to end single-use plastic is gaining traction and we’re here to make it easier than ever for you! We extensively research all our products to ensure they are free of single-use plastics because clean living is not just about what goes into our bodies, but what goes into our oceans and landfills as well. Even the materials we use to ship your orders are eco-friendly! Discover why sustainable materials make for better, longer-lasting products. From plastic-free deodorant to laundry powder, sustainable consumption has never been so easy.

Clean Living Made Easy

We know how it feels to stay up late at night reading product descriptions and ingredient lists to make sure your family isn’t exposed to harmful toxins. We also know the frustration of believing in a product marketed as “green” only to find out that the ingredients don’t live up to the promise. Let us take the stress out of decision making for you. 4 The Greater Good makes sustainable consumption easy and hassle-free. Our team of determined researchers thoroughly vets every single ingredient, product and brand that we carry. From the ground it grew in, to the package it comes in, there’s no aspect that we leave to chance. Relax knowing that the products you and your loved ones are using are the same ones we’re using, too. Have questions? You’re not alone! Reach out to us and let’s find the best option for you and 4 the Greater Good!