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Organic Cotton Clothing - Hope & Henry


organic cotton children's clothing store- Hope & Henry


What if I told you I just discovered the absolutely cutest children’s clothing company? What if I then told you it was totally affordable and made to last? What if I then told you that this company makes 90% of their clothing from organic cotton?


Today I sat down with the owners, and I thought you might be interested in learning more about this company…


This family has created a business that is passionate about their mission, passionate about driving change, creating a high quality product, and doing it in an environmentally friendly way, all while giving back…. it’s true and this business is awesome.


The business is called Hope & Henry, and very few people know about them yet… until now! You heard it here first, they are an affordable organic cotton clothing company!!!!!!!! Yes, Yes, YES!!!!


Matt McCauley is the founder of Hope & Henry and he and I sat down today for a chat; so I could learn more about the mission, their efforts, and Matt’s concerns for moving forward. His concerns aren’t what you might expect for a retail business; he’s ambitious and passionate about his work and so is his team. His main concerns are not about his bottom line or the latest trends, he’s concerned he’s not doing enough…


Yes, seriously, but we’ll get to that.


So who is Hope & Henry and how are they serving the Greater Good?


Organic Cotton Children’s Clothing


Hope & Henry is an affordable organic cotton children’s clothing company with big dreams. We’ve spoken before about why organic matters and that is certainly the case here. When we purchase items made from organic materials we are voting with our dollars for fewer pesticides and chemicals for our planet. This business would be worthy of mentioning for the organic cotton aspect alone, but it’s so much more than that.


A Socially Conscience Organic Cotton Fashion Company

Hope and Henry is also a company that aspires to shift the entire business model within the fashion industry (and possibly other industries as well) to one in which the entire supply chain benefits from the success of the business in which they are a vital part. The company profits all of those involved, not just a few.


As an example, the founder of Hope & Henry visits the factories where his clothes are made to deliver bonuses to the workers. He actually shared a video with me that showed his team in front of their sewing machines as he personally handed them their bonuses last year.


Why is it so important for him to personally hand over the money instead of sending a check to the factory owner? He wants to be sure the people who are doing the work are receiving the rewards. He hopes to deliver many more of these bonuses in the future too. What are these bonuses? They are a profit sharing company, so the success of the company impacts everyone involved all the way through the supply chain. Success for many; not success for a few.


Affordable Organic Cotton Clothes for Kids


“If only a few people could afford organic, you are never going to move the needle” - Matt McCauley


Organic cotton is important to all of us; but if only celebrities can afford to dress their children in it, chemicals will still be needed. Hope & Henry wants to change that. In an effort to offer their products as affordably as possible Hope & Henry runs entirely from a remote team. There is no headquarters for Hope & Henry with a high overhead. The clothing is manufactured in China, and Matt personally visits the factories unannounced to be sure of safe & fair working conditions.

The goal of the company is to keep their environmental footprint as light as possible while also keeping their products affordable and built to last. It’s the fashion industry, and it’s far from perfect.

As we chatted today Matt mentioned his concerns to me,

“We aren’t perfect. 90% of our clothing is organic cotton, we recycle water for our dyes, we visit our factories and keep a close eye on them, we try to create high quality clothing items that will be able to be passed down.”

During our conversation, I had a thought come to mind.

If we ask for perfect, we will not make progress. We need to celebrate companies like Hope & Henry. They are the complete opposite of fast fashion; and although they are not perfect, their vision is. - Jessica, 4 The Greater Good


“We’re a company that constantly wants to do better. Our mission is all about creating a better business model that rewards everyone in the pipeline, not just a few.”

They are driven towards a vision of a brighter future for all within the fashion industry while providing safer products for our children and fewer chemicals on our planet.


Maya Angelou said it best, “When we know better, we do better.” It feels good to celebrate a company that constantly strives to do better, especially when they start the company with their hearts to create something 4 The Greater Good.

How Did We Discover Hope & Henry?

Back to school time was becoming quite stressful for me. My kids need clothes to wear for back to school; but who should I turn to? Where can I go to purchase affordable organic cotton clothes for my children? My kids have extremely sensitive skin; polyester (which is plastic by the way - I had no clue) is NOT an option for them under most conditions. Have you ever tried to go shopping for children’s clothes and avoid all polyester? Usually it’s no fun and very expensive.

Where can I go to purchase children’s clothing that was made in safe working conditions, not to the lowest bidder? If you haven’t seen the documentary True Cost; perhaps you should. I will warn you, it’s not a warm and fuzzy type of film. However, understanding these issues is important for all of us to become more aware of who we are supporting when we make purchases.

Enter Hope & Henry! 

What Inspired Hope & Henry towards Ethical and Organic Fashion? 

It was this very (True Cost) documentary that led Matt McCauley to start thinking about a better way. Matt was retired, and enjoying life when he stumbled upon this eye opening film. Once you have seen something, it is no longer possible to unsee it. His eyes had been opened. As a former business executive in the retail industry; this was heartbreaking.

“True Cost was a wakeup call to me; and quite honestly it made me feel horrible.” - Matt McCauley

Something needed to change. While the retirement life was lots of fun for Matt, he knew he and his wife needed to make a change. The idea started by asking themselves some pretty important questions…

“What if we could reduce the amount of chemicals & pesticides on the earth by using organic cotton?”

“Wouldn’t it be an incredible thing to be more generous to people who are creating this brand, this business, then we all benefit together?”

“What if we made organic cotton more affordable?”


“If only a few people could afford organic, you are never going to move the needle”


The most important question, “The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. How can we be a part of the solution? How can we set a higher standard?”


It is with this vision that Matt & Marina approach each day with Hope & Henry.


“We are a company that constantly wants to do better. We are a business that wants to reward everybody in the pipeline, not just a few.”



Hope & Henry’s product


organic cotton children's clothing

These clothes are adorable, well made, and built to stand the test of time. They are designed in classic styles that can be handed down and worn for many years. I am not a fashion blogger, but I’m sure they will be covered by many fashion lovers because of the style & structure of their well made apparel.


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