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Fair Wages

Supporting companies that pay a fair wage to their workers is about more than just money or greed. It’s about paying workers enough to support a healthy lifestyle, a family, and a good life. If we support companies that abuse and underpay their workers, all of our other ethical choices just aren’t worth it.

Yes, we’re passionate about protecting the environment and using ingredients that are safe for our bodies. But if we can only obtain these ingredients through practices like slavery, overwork, and unsafe working conditions, that does not sit right with us!

We’re here to assure you that when we do our research into earth-friendly, ethical products, we’re taking their production into account. In fact, fair wages are one of our four pillars for clean living here at 4 The Greater Good, along with non-toxic living, sustainably harvested ingredients, and reducing plastic waste. Let’s talk about how we can make a difference when it comes to fair labor practices!

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Why Companies That Pay a Fair Wage Are So Important

Many avid wellness consumers, especially in the west, will shell out the big bucks for “exotic” and unusual ingredients. The problem is, many of these ingredients come from underdeveloped countries who are desperate to capitalize on the sudden demand, and they push workers to the brink to harvest and process as much as possible. We never want to compromise our working standards for an exotic ingredient, no matter how wonderful it is. We look for ethical products with organic, fair trade, and vegan certification amongst many other high standards.

Our Brands Fit the Bill

Fair wages are more complex than just “the workers are paid enough.” The Fair Wage Network defines the Fair Wage standard with 12 dimensions: 

  1. Regular payments
  2. Living wages
  3. Minimum wage regulations
  4. Prevailing wage (comparable to other companies in the industry)
  5. No excessive working hours
  6. Balanced wage structures
  7. Communication and social dialogue
  8. No wage discrimination or disparity
  9. Real wages 
  10. Wage share
  11. Wage costs
  12. Work intensity, technology and up-skilling

We do our very best to ensure every brand we offer at 4 The Greater Good meets these standards! From kitchen supplies to skincare to cleaning solutions, we’re always looking for ethical products from companies that pay a fair wage. 

Resources for Fair Labor Practices

We encourage you to get out there and do your own research on ethical products and companies! It’ll make you a more responsible consumer, and you’ll make sure you don’t just take our word for it. Making a difference starts with knowledge!