Our Mission

Good stories about good people, products, companies, and ideas. Good Stories deserve to be told.

Good People 
+ Good Products
+ Good Companies
+ Good Ideas              
= 4 The Greater Good

Join us on a 4 part mission to celebrate good in the world!

Mission #1: An Online Marketplace with a Conscience. It's About Time.

4 The Greater Good will be your research team. We will research the products we carry, the ingredients within them, the brands behind them, and sustainability of the ingredients they contain, the way the makers are paid... then, and only then will we offer those products made by those brands who are doing things 4 The Greater Good.

What does this mean to you, our customer? It means you have finally found your place to shop and feel good about the brands you are supporting and the products you are bringing into your home. We don't have all of the good products yet, but that is our mission. To sell you nothing that harms the planet, the people who buy them, or the people who make them. This is the way business should be, so this is what our mission is.


The Products We Carry Will Always Be:

  1. Made with Non-toxic ingredients
  2. Single-use Plastic FREE
  3. Made from sustainably harvested ingredients (organic whenever possible, and palm free)
  4. Made by people who are paid fairly

We know how much time and effort it takes to find products you can trust, made by people who are doing the right thing. It matters. So we have created an online marketplace where all of this research is done for you. 

Also, we ship plastic free; because.... it matters.  

What do we mean when we say, we only sell products on our site that are good for the planet, and good for you?

Quite simply, products that include chemical ingredients are not welcome here. Products made in sweat shops need not apply. If we haven't researched the factory of where the products are made, we won't carry it. We are taking a much more mindful approach to online shopping; we don't carry anything and everything. When you do this you empower people who are not doing the right thing. We are choosing our products slowly, after researching and learning about the makers and the farmers behind them. When we feel confident in the methodologies used to bring these products to market, we bring them to you. 


I.e. Meliora laundry powder; all natural, chemical fragrance free, palm oil free, and comes in a recyclable cardboard canister. No chemicals, no plastic, and not shipping water. The way we believe laundry powder should be. 


(We still have to ask ourselves why this is a unique selling point! All of the big stores we buy from should be removing unhealthy options from store shelves…. We're not pointing any fingers but, really, why is anyone still selling flame-retardant pajamas?!)

Are you aware of the chemicals that are around you every day in the clothes you wear, or the deodorant you put on, or in those water bottles you are using? We are (though we aren’t scientists by any means) because we have done quite a bit of research and it turns out that quite a few businesses are selling us a bunch of not so healthy stuff. The great thing about this site, is we aren’t going to harp on why that stuff is bad (that’s what the search engines are for!)

We are, however, going to provide you stuff that isn’t bad, and that way you don’t even have to research the bad stuff; let our team handle that.


Mission #2:

To tell stories about amazing people, and heroes who are out in the world right now making the world a better place.


Have you ever heard of Officer Tommy Norman? How about Rodney Smith Jr? Nadia Lopez? Stephen Ritz? Jessamyn Stanley? If you have said no to any of these people; you're in luck! Once you read about these heroes we hope that you too will be inspired.

You are going to soon be reminded of just how amazing people can be.

Please send us an email and let us know who else inspires you so we can continue featuring good people!




A mission to spend the rest of our lives telling stories about people who are making a positive impact in this world. People who many times, go under the radar. Let's celebrate wonderful and inspiring people. We want to hear and tell their story. 

Here at 4 The Greater Good, we believe the beauty is in the story itself. Stay with us as we ask questions and find out what inspires these wonderful people.


When amazing people do amazing things do you know what you get? Amazing stories.


Stories that deserve to be told.


When these amazing stories inspire others to do amazing things, do you know what you get? A Better World. At least that’s what we are aiming for :)

Mission #3: Feature amazing companies who are making a positive impact on the lives of others or the planet!

I.e. Bombas (these guys make amazing socks and donate a pair to homeless shelters with every sale.)

We are going to feature companies that are doing things 4 The Greater Good as well. Companies that are concerned with more than just their bottom line; but in doing things for others and protecting the earth. Beautiful companies like, ABLE, a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. Another company we love is the Package Free Shop, in NYC! This company offers everything individuals need to transition to a low waste lifestyle. They are dedicated to making low-waste living, simple. Talk about an amazing mission to benefit the planet!

Mission #4: Sharing simple ideas that can help make the world a better place; you know, 4 The Greater Good.

I.e. Don’t use plastic straws, they are bad for the planet, found all through our ocean and really unnecessary anyway right?

So that’s why we’re here. To be a part of the change we want to see in the world. 

Sound good? 

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