At Home Spa Kit - Natural Ingredients - Zero Waste

At Home Spa Kit - Natural Ingredients - Zero Waste

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This self-care at-home spa kit is everything I wanted for Valentine's Day to pamper myself and relax. Then I decided that if I would love it, you just might too! So here are a few of our natural, sustainably harvested ingredients, package-free, for a luxurious spa kit for you or someone you love! 

This at Home Spa Kit Includes:

18 oz. Unwind Herbal Bath Tea Blend (rose petals, bath salts, and lavender, + more) 

- 3"x6" Smooth Beeswax Pillar Candle (beeswax is the cleanest burning candle)

- Heart-Shaped Solid Lotion Moisturizing Bar (made with cocoa & shea butter) 

- Love Scent Body Soap Bar - An essential oil scented (patchouli, grapefruit, and sweet almond) coconut oil base soap bar.

Why We Chose This Kit: Self-care is a necessity, but bathing in toxic salts from those big box stores is not what self-care looks like. Burning candles that are made of petroleum and chemicals, is not what you want! We chose this kit with love and care, so you can feel good about all of your self-care practices. Make some time for you to unwind & enjoy! 

Why We LOVE This Kit: We are so proud of the brands that we carry! The candle in this kit is made in Ithaca, NY in a 100% renewable energy run candle shop that pays fair wages to all employees. These candles are 100% beeswax with a cotton wick so this candle will burn clean, and oh so beautifully! We are so proud to support Sunbeam Candles!

The brand that makes our bath teas, lotion bars, and body soap included in this kit is based in Brooklyn, NY. Their entire shop is vegan, palm oil-free, and their packaging is 100% recyclable in this entire kit. We are also in love with the fact that this brand has chosen Fair Trade & Organic Cocoa butter & Shea butter for their lotion bars. We are so proud to bring your products made with love by The Fanciful Fox!