Reusable tea bags - plastic free

Reusable tea bags - plastic free

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Organic cotton reusable tea bags. Make your own tea without the harmful plastic bags leeching into your drink. Now you can brew your perfect cup with these reusable tea bags. Once you are finished, add the tea leaves to your compost pile, wash your bag and leave it out to dry. It's ready to use over and over again. 

Why We Chose This Product: Sometimes you need a tea bag, and the tea bags that are available at the big box stores often contain plastic. We all know that plastic heated at certain temperatures could be leaching chemicals into our beverages, not to mention plastic lasts forever on our planet... so we decided to bring on a product to celebrate the tea drinkers in a plastic free and eco-friendly way. A better tasting cup of tea awaits you! 

Why We LOVE This Product: We love supporting brands who support plastic free lifestyles. This brand's name is Life Without Plastic and they are a big part of who inspired our mission. We love that they are supporting organic cotton farming, as well as bringing us all organic cotton tea bags for the cleanest tea possible. 


This plastic-free tea bag 7-pack includes 4 small, 2 medium, and 1 large tea bags. 


Additional information:

Dimensions: Length x Width

Large bag: 12 cm x 10 cm / 4.7" x 3.9" 

Medium bag: 10 cm x 8 cm / 3.9" x 3.1"

Small bag: 8 cm x 6 cm / 3.1" x 2.4"

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Care Instructions: Machine or hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry 

Country of Manufacture: China

Health and Environment: BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, lead-free, zero waste. Reusable. Compostable at end of life.