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Wool Dryer Balls - Made in USA
Wool Dryer Balls - Made in USA

Wool Dryer Balls - Made in USA

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Handmade set of 3 felted wool dryer balls. These wool dryer balls are from Leah's sheep in Connecticut, USA. 

Why We Chose This Product: Saves money by cutting your drying time for your clothes dryer, removes the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets which are full of chemicals no one needs to have in their home! Also, these sweet sheep are from right here in the USA so we aren't sourcing wool from the other side of the world. 

Why We Love It: Our felted wool dryer balls make drying clothes so much easier. Not only do they reduce the time clothes need in the dryer, but they also help to eliminate static. Essentially, these replace dryer sheets and can be used for many years. Like scented clothes? Add a few drops of essential oil to each ball to scent your laundry!

These balls are made of felted wool roving from a herd of East Friesian and Dorset crossed sheep. They are naturally white, although there may be some variation of color.

Each dryer ball is approximately the size of a tennis ball.