Reusable Wet/Dry Mop Cloth Set - Made in USA - Sweeper Pads
Reusable Wet/Dry Mop Cloth Set - Made in USA - Sweeper Pads

Reusable Wet/Dry Mop Cloth Set - Made in USA - Sweeper Pads

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Have you purchased a wasteful mop that uses disposable wet/dry refills before you knew any better? Yeah, we did too! The nice thing is, these reusable wet/dry mop cloths are sturdy, machine washable, and fully compostable at the end of their life. So mop away with these reusable sweeper pads, on wet or dry areas. We love the way these reusable dry mop cloths work on our hardwood floors.

 These cloths are made out of thick and highly textured cotton chenille fabric.  The reusable wet/dry mop cloths are much more effective than the disposable mopping pads for dry dusting, but they really SHINE as a damp mop pad.  Simply dampen the cloth with floor cleaner or soapy water or whatever you like to use, attach to your mop and go to town.  Or, you can spray your cleaner right onto the floor and use the cloth to mop it dry. This listing is for a set of three thick and thirsty reusable cloths made to fit a standard disposable convenience mopping system (the kind where you shove a corner of the cloth down into the pokey hole to make it stay attached).  Wash separately before use.  The approximate size of each reusable mop pad is 12″ by 9″ (allows for about 1/2″ shrinkage). Fits mop head size 11″ by 5″.

Materials: cotton sherpa, cotton thread (yes, that's right! 100% natural materials & fully compostable when their mopping life is complete!)
Why We Chose This Product: We made the mistake of purchasing the wasteful wet/dry mop years ago and it has been sitting in the corner of our closet for years. We missed using the mop but didn't know where to begin. Disposable mopping was wasteful and we knew that wasn't a good option. We heard of microfiber but those include plastic, so it wasn't a natural fabric. We kept looking high and low and finally came across these 100% cotton sherpa machine washable & reusable wet/dry mop cloths. 
Why We Love This Product: These reusable sweeper pads are made of 100% natural materials right here in the USA by a company who is committed to helping us all reduce our plastic usage, limit the number of chemicals in our home cleaning routine, and just overall treat their employees fairly. We are proud to support this small business and we know you will be to! 

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