Bees Wrap Reusable Food Storage- Beeswax Wrap Roll - Custom Sizing

Bees Wrap Reusable Food Storage- Beeswax Wrap Roll - Custom Sizing

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Bees Wrap XXL roll is a roll of beeswax wrap you can cut to your own custom size needs. Whether you are baking bread or wrapping sandwiches and veggies, these reusable beeswax wraps are a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Size: 1 Roll (14" x 52") 

Why We Chose This Product: A plastic-free way to keep food fresh, pack lunch, and enjoy snacks on the go! Reusable, organic, sustainably made wraps are compostable and amazing. The heat from your hands softens the light coating on the cotton fabric which makes the wrap sticks to itself. A simple wash with cool soapy water, let the wraps air dry completely, fold, and put away! Say goodbye to single-use plastic wrap and sandwich bags! 

Why We Love It: Bee's Wrap is an amazing brand that is woman-owned, a certified B Corporation, and they are using sustainably harvested materials to make these beeswax wraps right here in the USA.  

All Bee's Wraps are made with organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax from the U.S.A, and organic JoJoBa oil. All of the packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free. Yay :) 



Care Instructions: After use wash your beeswax wrap in cool soapy water, set out to air dry completely. Once dry, fold and put your beeswax wrap away to use another day.

We Have to Say It: Not recommended to use beeswax wraps with raw meat, and never place a Beeswax wrap in the microwave.