Zero Waste Hessian Sponges
Hessian Zero Waste Sponges are made from 100% natural burlap and cotton

Zero Waste Hessian Sponges

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Replace your plastic sponges in the kitchen with these durable, reusable, and washable UnSponges! Each set contains 2 UnSponges. These Hessian UnSponges are handmade in the USA by our favorite zero-waste shop.  


Dimensions for these are approximately 5"x 4"

- 100% natural burlap
- 100% cotton thread
- 100% organic waffle weave cotton
- 100% natural luffa fiber


Why We Chose This Product:

 Our Hessian Un-Sponges are made to replace commercially made polyurethane sponges currently sold on store shelves.  These are a simple and welcome switch for your all-natural home. 

Why We Love Hessian Sponges: Our hessian sponges are made of recycled burlap fabric. The burlap is made from coffee sacks from a local coffee roaster in Rochester, NY. The waffle weave cotton is organic which means no chemicals were used in making this fabric. We also love the business ethics of Environmental Seamstress, who is the brand behind this wonderful business. 

Did you know that most sponges are made of plastic?
Commercial sponges found in big box stores are composed of two separate layers of artificial polymers:(plastic) the softer layer, which recreates the feel of a natural sponge, is usually made of polyurethane or some other foamed plastic polymers; while the thinner dark green layer, which serves as a scouring pad, is made of harder polyethylene mesh (also plastic and chemically treated.) The commercially made sponges are made to last 2-3 weeks and then tossed in the garbage to be sent to the landfill. 

Care Instructions:

These are machine washable and should be air-dried. Please compost at the end of their life. 

The burlap gives these a nice gentle, yet effective scrubbing side and the organic waffle weave cotton is absorbent and great for glass surfaces and other items that require gentle cleaning. Inside of these two layers is natural luffa fibers. 

Our Un-sponges are plastic free, and made to be strong, washable, and reused many times. At the end of life for our un-sponges, you can throw them in the compost!