Reusable Cotton Snack Bags contain organic cotton on the inside and are reusable

Reusable Cotton Snack Bags

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Each reusable cotton snack bag is approximately 6" x 7" in size. The inside of these bags are made of 100% organic heavyweight cotton (only organic, sustainably sourced cotton is touching your food.) The outside is made with a 100% premium cotton print.

- 2 bags per order.
- These bags are machine washable.
- Come with a muslin tag to add your name.
- Choose your fabric. Custom requests are always welcome! 
- These bags do have a small plastic snap closure. We have tried using metal snaps but unfortunately, these do begin to rust over time. Although we try to limit our use of plastic as much as possible; these are the most efficient snaps to give these bags their longest life.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash. Reuse. At the end of their life, simply remove and recycle the plastic snap, and you can add these right to the compost. 

Why We Chose This Product:

The average American family uses 400 plastic sandwich bags each year. Plastic will always be in the environment. It takes 400+ years to get smaller, even then the chemicals that were used to create it will leach into the ground once it deteriorates.

Plastic also contains chemicals which can cause health problems. BPA doesn't make it safe; plastic companies simply add a different chemical in it's place and studies are showing these replacements aren't safe either. We need to stop storing our food in plastic whenever possible. 

The zero waste solution is reusable sandwich bags! These awesome, money & environment saving bags are washable & reusable!

These reusable cotton snack bags will make storing your snacks and lunch items in plastic a thing of the past! Now you can store your food in these organic cotton lined snack bags. No more storing your food in those single-use plastic baggies.