Reusable Glass Keep Cups 2 sizes with cork bands
The KeepCup is made with highly durable unbreakable tempered glass
The KeepCup includes a BPA free plastic stop cap to reduce spills
The KeepCup is the perfect zero waste option for hot coffee or tee
The KeepCup has the option for a BPA free or cork band to protect your hand from hot contents
The KeepCup is available in 3 sizes to take that perfect cup of coffee or tea on the go
Our KeepCups are priced among the lowest on the internet
Glass Reusable, To Go Coffee Cup - KeepCup
Glass Reusable, To Go Coffee Cup - KeepCup
Glass Reusable, To Go Coffee Cup - KeepCup

Glass Reusable, To Go Coffee Cup - KeepCup

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The KeepCup is available in 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes. This awesome reusable coffee cup is made of tempered glass which is very durable. This particular model of cup is made with a natural cork band and BPA Free plastic cover which includes a stop cap to reduce spills. These cups are made from natural cork that is sustainably sourced. And, we offer among the best pricing online!

Ideal for use in your home, at the office, on the go or at your local cafe. The KeepCup is a great way to reduce waste and save the environment while storing your favorite cup of coffee or hot tea. The cork band does not transfer the heat from your contents to your hand. It's stylish and will become the center of the conversation. Be prepared to tell everyone that you purchased your KeepCup from 4 The Greater Good!

The KeepCup is Made in Portugal using the waste product from the wine cork manufacturer. Each lid is form-fitted to your glass and is likely not compatible with other lids or glasses.

Why We Chose This Product: We believe coffee and teas taste better when drinking out of glass. There needed to be a way to bring your own cup while also maintaining the integrity and the taste of your hot beverage. If only someone made a glass coffee cup with a lid, and no handle so it could fit in a cup holder. Keep Cup is the perfect travel coffee cup. 

Why We Love This Product: Keep Cups are originally manufactured in Australia. Their popularity grew worldwide quite quickly and instead of shipping their cups all across the world; they create another manufacturing location in the UK, then a 3rd manufacturing location in the USA. Their choice was not financial, it was environmental. Their Australian office has been solar powered since 2016, and the UK office went solar in 2019. We are fully supportive of this company as they continue to grow they bring they are working to reduce the impact on the planet. We are proud to carry KeepCup products! 

Cleaning Tip: We recommend that you hand wash the BREW Keep Cup (the style with the cork band.) Do not remove the band, even for washing and let the band dry on the glass. If you are enjoying the KeepCup with the silicon band; feel free to use the dishwasher. 

Note: This is a barista standard cup, and we highly recommend you take it with you daily. KeepCups provide an eye-catching way to take your favorite hot beverage with you wherever you go and is also reusable. NO more single-use coffee cups! Drinking coffee out of glass is the ultimate way to fully enjoy the taste of your beverage.