Bamboo toothbrush travel case is made with 100% bamboo
Our Bamboo toothbrush travel case is 100% plastic free and sustainably harvested

Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case - Adult Size

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Bamboo toothbrush travel cases are a great zero waste replacement for plastic toothbrush travel cases. These bamboo toothbrush holders are sustainably harvested, and bamboo has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. 

Why We Chose This Product: Plastic is everywhere and when we found that our favorite bamboo toothbrush company (Brush with Bamboo) was also providing a plastic-free way to transport our toothbrushes, we couldn't pass it up. 

Why We Love This Product: Fully compostable, sustainable, and plastic-free is just the beginning of the reasons we love our Brush with Bamboo bamboo toothbrush travel case. We also love the team at Brush with Bamboo and everything they stand for.