• Do You Buy Organic Produce? - Here's Why It Matters

    I was at the grocery store the other day and I overheard a woman tell her adult daughter, "Grab a tomato, but not organic because we're all going ...
  • How to Save Money on Organic Produce

    What are some options to buy less expensive organic produce?   This may be my favorite question yet! There are quite a few good options available ...
  • Shop at Your Local Farmers Markets to Protect Our Planet

    Farmer's Markets are critical to protecting our planet. Yet so many of us are taking advantage of this opportunity. If you are seriously thinking about reducing your waste, and helping to do your part in caring for our planet, your nearest Farmer's Market is a critical component!
  • Suburban Farming

    Suburban Farming is a very important and growing trend across our country. As a society, we are all starting to embrace the fact that we need to t...
  • How to Purchase in Bulk at Whole Foods (Bring your Own Containers)

    Can you bring your own containers to Whole Foods? In short, yes. The long version, they may or may not allow you to use them. My Whole Foods was good with it, others, not so much. I always bring string bags (apples, potatoes, and produce of all kinds,) produce bags (so far these have always been accepted), and bento bags for larger items (pistachios, rice, etc.) the glass containers seem to be on a store by store basis.
  • Minimize Waste For School Lunches

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  • Sharing Kindness at Ben's Bells

    Just a short drive north of New York City is a quiet treasure of kindness that very few outside of Newtown, CT know about. A non-profit organizatio...
  • Tips To Be Kinder to the Earth

    4 The Greater Good loves focusing all of the good and simple things we can do to help take care of our planet (and our fellow human beings too of course!) Did you know there are some very simple changes we can make in our daily lives that will make a huge difference in the amount of waste that is generated? Say no to plastic straws, bring your own cup to the coffee shop, and some other simple strategies to help us all be a bit kinder to the earth; 4 the Greater Good!
  • A Moment of Reflection

      I quit my job today; my heart was no longer in it. My soul, seeking something far greater than the paycheck, was no longer satisfied. Inspiratio...