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Yay for Earth - Sensitive Skin Lotion for More Than Just Your Face!

Yay for Earth - Sensitive Skin Lotion for More Than Just Your Face!

Yay for Earth - Sensitive Skin Lotion - Why You Will LOVE IT!

Our best selling, Yay for Earth Sensitive Skin face lotion has taken Instagram by storm, and for good reason. This lotion is made with only 4 ingredients and is packaged in a 100% recyclable glass jar with a recyclable glass lid; better yet these jars are reusable for many things. The eco-friendly packaging isn’t even our favorite part of the lotion however, or even that it's small batch (though we love that too), it’s the ingredients. Yay for Earth lotion - small batch production - many jars lined up and filled with lotion on a table in the sunlight

Photo Credit: Instagram @stevieyaaaay

Yay for Earth Lotion Ingredients 

This face lotion is a celebration of natural ingredients for your face. It’s a combination of organic olive oil, organic shea butter, local beeswax, and organic pomegranate seed oil. Each of these simple ingredients plays a very important part in bringing an extremely hydrating topical lotion to your daily skincare routine. 

  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • Local Beeswax

Yay for Earth Reviews

The reviews for Yay for Earth are incredible, as of writing this article, there are hundreds of 5 star reviews on their website, and on the founder Stevie’s Instagram page (@StevieYaaaay) she has too many to count all saved on a highlight reel. The before and after photos are amazing. 

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Uses for Yay for Earth Lotion

If you are only using Yay for Earth Sensitive skin face lotion for your face, you are missing out on utilizing the many benefits of these ingredients for other things as well. After following Yay for Earth & Stevie’s incredible Instagram account (@stevieyaaaay) for years now; we have realized the benefits of this lotion for many other things. We decided to put these ideas down in one place so you can take advantage of this goodness for many other things. Please note that this list is based on reviews and feedback on the product; not medical advice. 

    1. Lip gloss, lip balm (it’s amazing for chapped lips)
    2. Diaper balm for the sensitive behind for babies
    3. Tame those fly aways (use a tiny amount left on your hands- it works like a charm)
    4. Eczema repair (this is how we found them - it’s all we use)
    5. Tattoo healing balm (sooo many people have talked about this one)
    6. Eyemakeup Remover (so gentle & effective)
    7. Relief for Hand & Foot Syndrome (Yay for Earth is a great calming balm for Hand & Foot Syndrome according to one of our raving customers)
    8. Acne treatment (sooo many before and after photos to show it’s effectiveness here)
    9. Cuticle care (your hands will thank you!)
    10. Lube (seriously - but don’t use it with latex condoms because they may break)
    11. Scar treatment (according to reviews this helps with acne scarring)
    12. Laser hair removal after care
    13. Add to eyelids for a bit of natural shine
    14. Natural cheekbone highlight (pat a bit before going out for a dewy glow)
    15. Gua Sha stone 
    16. After Sunburn Care (1000% this! Just trust this fair skinned girl)
Yes, that's right - all that from this one little jar, and 4 simple ingredients. Isn't nature amazing???? 

What Doesn’t Yay for Earth Have In It?

  • No preservatives
  • No dimethicone
  • No parabens 
  • No fragrance
  • No water

Is Yay for Earth Good for Oily or Dry Skin?

Both! Olive oil naturally mimics our own sebum production. It actually naturally balances out on both sides for oily or dry skin.

Why Pomegranate Seed OIl?

According to Stevie, pomegranate seed oil has an omega 5 fatty acid called punic acid and it protects collagen fibers in skin, improves elasticity, and is a natural wound healer. For those of us with acne scars or aging, it stimulates keratinocytes (the cells on the outer layer of the skin) so they can regenerate! 

Where does Yay for Earth Source Their Ingredients?  

We absolutely love transparency from our brands, and we try to be as transparent as possible too! So here is another way in which Yay for Earth shines, they share where they source each of their ingredients. So here goes:

- Organic Olive Oil - YayforEarth uses organic olive oil from The Olive Oil Source, which uses organically grown olives out of California. This company shares an extremely detailed breakdown of their process here, so for those of you who want to dig into the details as much as we do, please enjoy!

- Local Beeswax - The most important aspect of using beeswax in any product is to ensure the sustainability practices of the beekeepers. Yay for Earth has done that and they have found 3 apiaries in which to support and supply them with their beeswax. They are: Beth’s Bees out of Colorado, Highland Honey Apiary, also out of Colorado, and Andrew’s Honey, out of New York.

- Organic Shea Butter - Yay for Earth sources it's organic shea butter from Vermont Soap. Organic shea butter is an extremely nourishing ingredient and is critical to the success of this lotion. However, Vermont Soup has a very special process in the way they filter out any naturally occurring latex that is found in the kernel of any Shea nut. This is an extremely unique process and actually doubles the market quality of the Shea butter. Vermont Soup shares a detailed description of their mission, sustainability, and give back program on their site.  

Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil - 

When I Buy Yay for Earth Lotion, Who Am I Supporting?

 Yay for Earth founder Stevie laying on picnic blanket in wooded area with two small foster puppies

Photo credit: Instagram @stevieyaaaay

We are so glad you asked! Here at 4 The Greater Good we thrive on transparency and sharing all the behind the scenes for the products we carry. We know voting with your dollar is important to you because it is to us too! Stevie Van Horn is the founder and maker of Yay for Earth lotion and her Yay for Earth lotion is small batch and made by her and her cousin in Colorado, USA. Stevie also happens to be a very inspirational person and we have even featured her as one of our 4 The Greater Good Heroes. So feel free to read some more about what makes her one of our heroes

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