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4 The Greater Good’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts

Rustic brown box full of eco-friendly gifts
Rustic brown box full of eco-friendly gifts

If you’re after a sustainable Christmas gift or holiday treat, you’ve come to the right place! 4 The Greater Good wants to spread holiday cheer for both people AND the planet. 

We’ve put a huge effort into stocking eco-friendly gifts that are ethically-sourced, natural, and reliable. When it comes to gift-giving around the holiday season, materialism—and waste—run rampant. That’s why we’ve compiled a list here of thoughtful zero waste Christmas and holiday gifts you can buy responsibly. 

So, come on down the chimney and see what we’ve got in store under our tree!

Scented Beeswax Candles

A candle is a fantastic, crowd-pleasing, sustainable Christmas gift—if you make sure the ingredients are natural and beeswax-based.

Why beeswax? This beautiful substance is not only the most eco-friendly candle wax, but it’s also by far the most efficient! With scented beeswax candles, you get the cleanest burn while enjoying the longest burn time. Plus, beeswax is virtually scent-free, so you can add any variety of scent to make the most gorgeous smelling candles. Be careful when choosing scented candles however. We want to be sure they are scented with essential oils only; as most use synthetic fragrance. Here at 4 The Greater Good, we only carry candles scented with essential oils, you will find zero synthetic fragrances in any of our products. 

Natural Bath Products

Giving fancy bath products as a gift for a self-care lover is a no-brainer. Plus, the best soaps in the world are the ones with the purest and safest natural ingredients!

We’re obsessed with companies—like Fanciful Fox—who choose only fair trade and organic ingredients for their natural bath products. They can help you achieve a zero waste Christmas, too: even their soap wrappers are made out of sustainable wildflower seeds!

More great bath and body eco-friendly gift ideas:

  • Essential Oil Bath Salts: What’s just as charming as these all-natural bath salts are their funny names: “Pain, Pain Go Away,” “Totes Stressed Out,” “Just Chillin,’” and our favorite, “Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down.” 
  • Zero Waste Self Care Kit: These kits are chosen from our customers’ highest reviewed and most popular purchases! They include a beeswax candle, a natural soap, a vegan lip balm, and more. All packed with compostable packaging, of course!
  • At-Home Spa Kit: Your lucky giftee can prepare for some serious pampering. Candles, natural soaps, candles, and super-special Bath Tea make up this luxurious eco-friendly gift set.

Plastic-Free Skincare

Skincare is a pleasure for many and practically an addiction for some. Unfortunately, all those nice skincare products are covered in plastic, plastic, and more plastic. Boo!

It doesn’t have to be that way. We have a beautiful plastic-free skincare collection that has sustainable ingredients and packaging to make a lovely sustainable Christmas gift. This includes vegan lip gloss, body oil, zero waste makeup remover, body lotion bar, sugar scrubs, and so much more. 

Explore 4 The Greater Good For More!

We’ve just scratched the surface of the creative eco-friendly gifts you can grab at 4 The Greater Good. Come explore our sustainable store and see what strikes your fancy!

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